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White Hills: An Overview and History

Located just an hour or less from Las Vegas and approximately 29 miles away from Hoover Dam, White Hills, AZ real estate lies on the site of a former mining town founded and established during the late 1890s in Mohave County. Its intriguing history began then, when a Hualapai Indian happened upon a small amount of chloride of silver during one of his forays into a canyon in the area.

After word spread that silver deposits were abundant in this region, people rushed to the area in droves, and their collective presence resulted in the birth of White Hills and the sale of the first pieces of White Hills, AZ real estate. But the abrupt expansion of the city’s population proved to be disastrous for the city itself, and the canyons were soon stripped of silver. Mining ceased, and the city’s development crunched down to a halt. At this point, families began to move out of the mining town, and businesses shut down one by one. White Hills was finally abandoned in 1902, after a devastating flood damaged what little was left in the city.

Today, however, the picture for White Hills isn’t as bleak as its history. Although the area is not as densely populated as its neighboring communities, residents of White Hills, AZ real estate enjoy the picturesque quality of their environment, the unhurried pace of their activities, and the expanse of beautiful land that surrounds them. The future for White Hills, Arizona property has a promising note to it, too, especially with the construction of the Hoover Dam Bridge, which makes the community more accessible than ever.

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