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Mohave County: Economy and Tourism

Mohave County is one of the most rapidly growing counties in the state of Arizona, and in the country as well. As your Mohave County Realtor will tell you, the population growth has been explosive, especially in the last decade, leading to a higher demand for jobs and real estate. Mohave County provides many jobs in the tourism industry, especially as it is home to a host of natural wonders and entertainment attractions.

Your Mohave County Realtor or Kingman Realtor can give you more information on the area’s natural attractions. Within the county’s borders, one can experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon National Park, the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Hoover Dam, Davis Dam, the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge, the Colorado River, the Virgin River Canyon and a myriad of lakes and other natural wonders. Across the river from Mohave County’s Bullhead City is the town of Laughlin, a popular gambling destination with casinos that rival those in Las Vegas.

Aside from tourism, Mohave County relies on other industries, primarily manufacturing, ranching, warehouse/distribution, mining and the railroad, to keep its economy flourishing. Designated enterprise zones are located in the four major cities of the county – Bullhead City, Colorado City, Lake Havasu City and Kingman.

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