Top Rated Kingman Public Schools

Kingman, the Heart of Historic Route 66, is an attractive destination not only for tourists but also for those who are looking to put down roots and raise their kids. The seat of Mohave County, Arizona, Kingman is well-equipped to provide families with several options to choose from when it comes to education. There is one public school district, one charter school district and one Christian school in the area, with all primary education being divided between Kingman Unified School District (the public school district) and Kingman Academy of Learning (the charter school district). This blog post aims to provide more information on the top rated Kingman public schools and their corresponding offerings.

There are several schools in Kingman that have a GreatSchools rating of 7 or above, which means that families who live in the area have immediate access to high quality education. Some of the top rated Kingman public schools include the Manzanita Elementary School, which has a rating of 8, and the Hualapai Elementary School, which has a rating of 7. There are also some quality schools in the charter school district. The Kingman Academy of Learning Intermediate School, Middle School and High School all scored an 8 using the GreatSchools rating criteria. This assures the resident families, as well as those who are looking to settle down in the area, of access to excellent education from the elementary levels straight up to the end of high school.

Manzanita Elementary School

Manzanita Elementary School, located on Detroit Avenue, offers all-day kindergarten through fifth grade to over 700 students. The school aims “to provide students with an educational foundation for life-long success.” Currently on its 50th year, Manzanita prides itself on its ability to produce well-rounded students by having programs in place that address the differences in learning ability of their students. The school’s faculty also puts a premium on offering their students opportunities to develop their talents outside of the classroom, with offerings such as the chess club, drama, choir, Art Masters, computer club and 5th grade band.

Hualapai Elementary School

Hualapai Elementary School, which shares the goal espoused by the Manzanita Elementary School, is located on Eastern Street and also serves students from kindergarten through fifth grade. Hualapai’s mission statement demonstrates the school’s commitment to providing its students with more than high quality education: “It is the purpose of Hualapai Elementary School to provide a safe and healthy environment where the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of all children can be met.”

Kingman Academy of Learning

The Kingman Academy of Learning, established in 1995, was one of the first charter schools in Arizona. The school has grown from its humble beginnings to an organization that is responsible for educating over 1,500 students in its four campuses. The school believes that “The Road to Success is Learning” and this is reflected in the goals that it has set for itself: driving the strong performance of students in the academic area, reduction in absenteeism, active encouragement of parent involvement and setting of high standards for student behavior.

These details barely scratch the surface of what the top rated Kingman public schools can offer its students. If you are looking for a professional and dedicated Kingman Realtor who can help you successfully navigate the Kingman Real Estate market, contact me directly and we can get started on your journey to finding the property that best suits your needs.

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