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Kingman: Economy

There is no doubt that the city of Kingman has been experiencing steady and sure economic growth these past few decades. This is largely due to the hundreds and thousands of tourists that the area attracts every year, bringing income to Kingman and its surrounding areas in Arizona. The economic stability has made many investors and developers show a marked interest in Kingman, Arizona land.

Aside from the colossal tourism industry, Kingman is also an important regional trade, service and distribution center for much of northwestern Arizona. This is because of the city’s role as the area’s county seat, and the excellent location of Kingman, Arizona land on national transportation routes. Hopeful businessmen say that growth in U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico, combined with Kingman’s reputation, provides an excellent opportunity for the city to be a center for international trade. This would up the value of Kingman, Arizona land even more in the future.

Favorable Arizona taxes, the Interstate Highway, the Santa Fe mainline, and proximity to the California market has made Kingman land a prime site for industry. Manufacturing seems to be one of the more successful industries. The fully developed Airport Industrial Park, with reasonable land costs, is attracting the attention of manufacturers wishing to establish a southwestern plant as well as attracting workers who desire the Arizona lifestyle.

As Kingman, AZ land continues to attract additional new residents each month and new businesses each year, a great demand for new products and services makes homes for sale in Kingman an ideal place for exciting new economic and real estate opportunities.

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