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Homes for sale in Kingman lie in a spectacular desert valley, surrounded by rugged hills and mountains. Sunrises here are nothing short of stunning and the sunsets are unfailingly dramatic. It’s a setting that’s always thrilling in its beauty and by itself makes investing in homes for sale in Kingman very much worth it.

The heart of a region that has been experiencing a steady rate of growth, Kingman is northwestern Arizona’s economic hub, with a central location that many businesses find ideal. While tourism is certainly one of the driving forces behind the city’s economy, recent figures from the Arizona Department of Economic Security show that the trade, transportation and utilities sector employs more people.

The city’s stable economy has contributed largely to the increase in value of homes for sale in Kingman. As of 2007, the median house/condo value here is $225,200; this is a more than a hundred percent increase from 2000’s $87,500. The population has been growing as well, from 2000’s 20,069 to 2007’s 27,696, and this is only in the areas that are officially in the city.

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