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Lake Havasu City: Economy

The City of Lake Havasu started out as a well-planned community. The plan of founder Robert McCulloch was to make the city as self-supporting and balanced as possible, dividing the businesses into 40% light industries, 40% resort and recreation, and 20% commercial services. The extensive planning that has gone into the city has made it a very livable community and has also encouraged the growth of Lake Havasu luxury real estate.

Lake Havasu City’s tourist industry is booming, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to its calm waters and beautiful beaches. Many of them become so enchanted with the area that they invest in Lake Havasu luxury real estate.

The famed London Bridge and its adjacent British Village are the focal point of a multi-million dollar resort complex of shops, restaurants and lodging facilities. A million visitors bring $100 million annually to the economy of Lake Havasu City.

Sterilite Corporation, the largest U.S. independent manufacturer of plastic houseware products, employs more than 400 people in their 450,000 square foot Lake Havasu facility. In addition, a cluster of boat manufacturers, including high performance and leisure crafts has found a home by the lake. Leaders in personal watercraft manufacturing, both Kawasawki and Yamaha have research and development operations within the community. Other manufactured products are produced here as well.

Today, Lake Havasu’s economy and community continue to flourish beyond McCulloch’s expectations. All these factors make Lake Havasu City and Lake Havasu luxury real estate an ideal place to live.

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