Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu is approximately 1 hour from Kingman, AZ…

What’s in Lake Havasu City? The Colorado River, the London Bridge, the Mohave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, and weather to enjoy them all year round!

It’s a beautiful day here in Lake Havasu. The sky is blue, the air is clean, the sparkling blue water with its beautiful mountain backdrop is truly an awesome sight. Just about every night it seems you can reach up and pluck the stars from the tranquil desert sky.

Lake Havasu City, the famed home of the London Bridge, was named for it’s 45 mile long lake on the Colorado River, named by the Chemehuevi meaning “Land of the Blue Green Water”. The Lake is actually a Colorado River reservoir that was created when the Parker Dam was built between 1934-1938.

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